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How do I best clean my OTELLO. Dog Pullover?

The dog pullover is basically very easy to care for. It is machine-washable (with a wool-wash program / wool detergent) and, of course, can also be washed by hand: Just let it soak for a short time in lukewarm water. The material is 100% finest merino wool, therefore it is not suitable for tumble-drying or for a long spin-drying program.

When should I dress my dog?

As soon as you realise your dog is not feeling happy in cooler rooms or in cooler weather, or when he/she begins to shiver. Because of the high-quality material, the dog pullover is exceedingly breathable, soft, snuggles perfectly close to the body, and is very comfortable to wear.

Which size best fits my dog and how do I measure my dog correctly?
To help you determine the suitable size we’ve established a separate page: SIZING

You are also very welcome to contact us by email: OTELLO.

How do I best put the pullover on?

Our tip: Similar to how you would put it on a person. First of all, with both hands, slightly stretch the neck opening and put it over the head. Then, with the use of the fingers, put one leg after the other through the sleeves. And finally, put the tail through the tail loop. That’s it!

How do I best take the pullover off?

Our tip: First of all, take the tail out of the tail loop, and then simply pull the pullover upwards over the body. The dog will then just “slide” itself out.

What do I do if the dog doesn't let itself be dressed or undressed?

There are some dogs that are collar shy. This is also, to some extent, ritualised. If you convey calmness, and conduct the dressing and undressing with love and implicitness, then the dog won’t find it particularly unsettling. And we’re sure; a small reward or treat at the end of this “accomplishment” would not be refused! =)